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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 18, 2010 6:00pm-6:57pm EST

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comfort. but we begin with rob morrison from haiti. >> reporter: looters are increasingly out of control. scavaging buildings. >> they are looting because they are in survival mode. >> reporter: soldiers from the 82nd airborne are loading up supplies to take to their four operating bases out of the city. they are also looking to set up a fourth. but even with air drops now on the way, aid is piling up on the airport. getting it distributed has been difficult. many roads are filled with rubble and there's concern convoys will be attacked. an estimated 60,000 people have received aid, but the united nation says that is far short of the 2 million who need help. >> hi how are you? >> reporter: president obama
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visited the red cross, and former president bill clinton lent a hand at haiti. plans are now under way to build a massive tent camp for 100,000 victims. people are still being found alive and search teams believe there are survivors inside collapsed buildings. rob morrison, port-au-prince, haiti, wjz, eyewitness news. people across the country including here in maryland, complete coverage continues now with mike hellgren with more of a local teenager who survived the earth quake. >> reporter: that teenager in particular is giving back. rick santos is a survivors, the
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father and head of a charity based was buried in concrete for more than 50 hours after the hotel he was staying in collapsed over him. >> it went dark, we had dirt in our mouths and throats. it was scary moments thinking about them living without me. >> to actually see her being pulled out of rubble is pretty intense. >> reporter: local teenager pat henry is also a survivor. >> i was in complete shock, when i was in the room i just thought to myself i was going to die. i couldn't get out. it just felt like the building was going to come down. >> i ran downstairs to check on the kids, and i was coming out, there was a big part of the building had fallen down, a corner of it. there was damage along the
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walls, cracks everywhere. >> reporter: after several sleepless nights, pat's mom got the call he was okay. >> you can't imagine the relief i felt. that went right into, now is he going to be okay the rest of the night and how do we get him home. >> reporter: now pat is back at his restaurant back home. and they are collecting donations for the relief effort. >> i was lucky to get out when i did. now i'm trying to do as much as i can to fund raise and help those that are still down there. >> reporter: those so desperately in need, the images of destruction he'll never forget. >> reporter: pat's family restaurant is in hamilton, big bad wolf house of bar be cue. they are collecting donations until 9:00 tonight. you can also hear about the orphanage he volunteered for and how you can help them at and the u.s.s.
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comfort pulled out of baltimore this weekends and is in route to haiti. tonight he reports on wjz, on how maryland doctors are preparing to help. >> this was from our mission in 2007. >> reporter: dr. donahue, it's not just another mission. >> it's very emotional. >> reporter: emotional because donahue knows the place and the people from previous trips in 2005 and 2009. >> it's a very different type of response. it's not just we're going down to help people. i know the people we are going to help. >> reporter: some people he has heard from are alive, some are not. same for anesthesiologist roberts. >> i know we were going to go, because our country would not sit and let that happen. >> reporter: this is the
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biggest peacetime recruitment. >> this is improve, and nobody on this ship can get there soon enough. 73 hours to turn the key on a boat that is the size of walter reed back home. >> for more information log on the for additional video and information on how you can donate to relief efforts. wjz is proud to bring you hope for haiti. hope for haiti features performances and celebrity appearances. a light rail train collides with a car on anne arundel county. >> two people were in the car when it was hit by a plane. take a look over the scene.
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it happened on camp meade road. an 80-year-old woman and an 82- year-old man suffered injuries and were taken to shock trauma. both victims are expected to survive. denise. >> thank you, kai. still no word on how that accident happened. >> seven months later, the suspected driver of a racing car is arrested. new information from investigators, adam may has the story. >> reporter: the suspected driver was drinking alcohol before that crash. tonight he faces a long list of charges. souped up cars, high speeds and fast cars, a deadly recipe. a chevy impala veered off the
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road. the accident left jonathan henderson dead. >> raven collided into two parked cars and three pedestrians. two of which were pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the investigation revealed he was drinking before the crash. but other details are still not being made public. >> was this suspect rayburn actually participating in the race? >> with the court date still pending, those portions of the investigation we are still not talking about. >> reporter: following the crash, the transportation department made changes to the road. >> 80 80 cars line up and
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just start racing. >> reporter: another accident in prince george's county claimed eight lives. despite the danger, car racing remains popular. among the charges rayburn is facing, vehicle manslaughter, if convicted he could spend decades in prison. adam may, wjz news. >> rayburn is being held on $100,000 bond. a warning to maryland drivers, officials say 8800 citations were issued during the first weeks of the citation program. the charles street exit of the beltway and i95 in prince george's county. people who exceed the speed limit get a $40 ticket. and taking a live look
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outside right now, there's baltimore this evening. of course we have to ask, will this mild weather continue? meteorologist bernadette woods is in the outback. but we begin with bob turk in the weather center. >> mid-50s in some spots. tomorrow will be pretty nice. maybe not quite as warm. take a look at the radar. the winds are dead calm so we're not dealing with that. as far as precept goes, looks like we will stay dry until late in the day or evening on thursday. now, it's been kind of a crazy month, some very cold temps and mild temps. bernadette looks at how the week will go. >> we averaged 45 degrees for our high temp. this january 13th we have started to thaw. just to keep it all in perspective, the normal high temperature for that time is 41
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degrees. so we've made quite a swing. the thing is we're heading back into the middle part of this week. maybe a little bit below it by the end of the weekful we'll have that forecast coming -- end of the week, we'll have that forecast coming up. and it was a very nice day, that brought people out to the martin luther king parade. weijia jiang was there as the city came out to remember. >> happy birthday dr. king. >> dr. king. >> thank you for everything you've done for us. >> reporter: this was once a dream, his dream, a crowd of thousand standing together equal in rights. >> he said we as people will get to the promise land. he wasn't just talking about african americans, he was talking about white americans, he was talking about gay americans. >> reporter: it was under then
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mayor o' malley that the martin luther king jr. parade started. and now it brings energy to the city. >> they can look at president obama now to see where we can go. >> reporter: that message now spreads through people, people young and old. >> he was a civil rights leader. >> martin luther king was a good man. >> ready to play? one, two, ready, play. >> he changed the world. >> reporter: today the grant family spans three generations. >> it's important for them to be here, to be a part of it, not just the festivities but to know the real meaning behind the parade. >> he broke down segregation. >> everybody here is trying to represent martin luther king for everything he did. for civil rights and everything. >> i like the parade. >> for hours, the streets were alive, strangers weave
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together, likely just what he would have wanted. >> reporter: every year more and more participants sign up to be in the parade today. 75 groups took on the streets of baltimore. vic back to you. the first family honored martin luther king day by having a day of service. a group of african american senior citizens and their grandchildren discussed the civil rights movement. still to come, bpa warning, the epa changes its stand on the warnings found on common household items, including baby bottles. h1n1 pandemic, health officials say that the virus could return in a big way. another live look outside
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on a cool winter evening, your first warning forecast is coming up in just a few moments. ,,,,
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four elderly women got quite a square today. answered a knock at the door, as wjz's valcourt reports, it was an unknown man. >> reporter: the knock at the
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door came around 9:00. >> they opened the door because they thought they knew the individual at the door, having identified himself busy jr., and they had someone they knew by that name. >> reporter: when the door opened, two young men in hooded sweatshirt held the woman at gunpoint and demanded they hand over their prescription drugs and money. >> it's crazy, a few days ago i heard gunshots out here. >> we just changed the way we police this area after i took office. >> reporter: they increased foot patrols in the area and this summer they invested nearly $300,000 in crime cameras. some residents say it's a slow progress. >> we see more signs of the sheriff's department around and that gives us some comfort. for a lot of years i didn't feel safe here. i see some improvement. >> it's gotten better, but it still has a long way to go. >> reporter: as for that home
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invasion, right now it's unclear whether it was random or the homeowner was targeted. all four women we are told are doing fine, none of them were harmed and detectives say anyone with information is urged to call the harper county sheriff's department. back to you. >> the hartford county sheriff's department is reminding residents to keep their doors closed and to use the peephole before opening the door for anyone. health officials are looking for anyone who came in contact with a rabid calf. >> reporter: in maryland, rapid is passed through racoons. and it is believed that a racoon infected a calf. >> know that rabies virus can
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be in saliva before the animal looks sick. that could be a concern if a person was interacting with a rapid animal and not know that the animal was sick. >> because rabies is carried in saliva, it could be passed through a cut or open sore. >> we are in contact with the schools and staff, we're getting a listing of all the students, teachers and parents who were on the trip. >> reporter: after racoons, bats are the most infected. it's not believed any more animals at the barn was infected, they've had rabies shots, but -- >> this calf was too young for rabies injection. >> reporter: anyone who visited here after december 21st is being urged to contact their
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health department. >> as soon as possible, is what we want to do when someone has been exposed to a rapid animal. no time is too late is what we say. once someone develops systems of rabies, then that may be fatal. >> reporter: alex demetrius, wjz eyewitness news. now a treatment for rabies exposure has gotten easier over the years. it now consists of two simple injections over two weeks. let's take a look at temps right now, it was very pleasant out there. we're in the mid-40s right now, no winds, the barometer hold,,,,
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it calculates all the taxes and creates paychecks. get a 30-day free trial at we have breaking news for you right now. we're going to go to captain mike perry for some details, mike. >> denise, i came out on the 37th block of evan avenue. as you can see paramedics just arrived at the scene. this adult male is going to be transported to synide hope.
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police are investigating a crime scene investigation. they are searching the area for a teenage male. and now a look at what's ahead weather wise. >> a pleasantly warm day today. lots of sunshine back into the mid-50s. take a look at the weather, 56 degrees. this is the second warmest day of the year. 39 this morning, 41 is your average high. 23 the average low. 68 and four below zero are the records. we now have very light winds. tomorrow we're going to start seeing more of a southwesterly winds, that will keep us in the warm air for at least one more day. then we have a front. very hard to see right now, but behind it, temperatures are going to drop five to seven on
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wednesday as we start to cool down. now thursday night into friday, some moisture and snow in the rockies will move across the country. that's going to head out to the east. probably bring us some precipitation here thursday night and friday. maybe some rain, maybe some wet snow, maybe some sleet mixed in. more rain than anything else. temperatures could be a little critical by thursday night and friday morning. so we'll keep watching that for you. for the time being, generally clear to partly cloudy skies. maybe just a few clouds tomorrow afternoon. a better chance of some clouds, wednesday, with a front moving across the region. as it does, temperatures will be mild tomorrow. but behind it will be just beginning to cool down back into normal ranges really for wednesday. thursday and friday probably just below normal. we're talking upper 30s to about the 40 degrees mark and maybe some precept in the area late thursday. southwest winds, five to 10 knots. bay temp around 34, just above
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the freezing mark. and tonight, about 33 for the low, under partly cloudy skies. one more pleasantty mild day then we'll begin the cool down by wednesday. >> winter is not over. >> not quite. >> thank you, bob. wjz is proud to join masn in supports the orioles in this year's fan fest. fans will begin packing the baltimore convention center at 11:00 this saturday morning. current and past oriole players will be at hand signing photographs. you can find more information on our website at football is over, time to talk about baseball. >> springtime. >> still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news, haiti earthquake, hear from local missionaries who lived through the disaster. fda warning, the agency now says there's cause for concern
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over the controversial chemical. it's not a day on, it's a day on for these kids who are participating in a day of service for martin luther king jr. day. i'm andrea -r --
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it is 6:29, 51 degrees and mostly cloudy. good evening thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. help is beginning to reach haiti, as hoops, doctors, and supplies are reaching haiti. but supplies are still not reaching many victims of the quake. mass confusion continue to slow relief efforts. the quake in its aftermath have now claimed an estimated 200,000 jobs and left 1.5 million people homeless. a group of maryland missionaries is home after living through the quake in
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haiti. as mary bubala explain, their mind are very much on what they left blind and when they can get back to help. >> reporter: members of the assembly of god from aberdine arrived healthy in haiti, so happy to be home but their mind still on the mission and those left behind. including a haitian pastor who lost his church and his entire choir. >> all three stories fell, buried them alive. he drove us by his church and there was a little girl stuck in the cement, grasping a gate, she almost made it out. his youth group is gone practically under that cement. my heart goes out to that pastor every time he thinks about his church, he has to think about that tragedy. so they need our prayers. >> reporter: on sunday, in aberdine the congregation gathered to hear the stories and the plans to return one day
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to the church they helped build in haiti through fund raising. >> the church is intact. but we don't know for sure how much damage was done. we'll just wait our time out and we'll go back and we'll finish what we started. >> if anything, if i had the resources to go back and help, i wish i could be over there instead. >> that was mary bubala reporting for us. is always on. log on for more information on how you can donate to the relief effort. wjz is proud to bring you hope for haiti, a commercial free telethon brought to you by anderson cooper, george clooney and wyclef jean. you can see it right here on wjz. people throughout our nation honored civil rights
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icon martin luter king jr. dr.king's wife coretta scott king is also buried at that site. hundreds of baltimore students decided to work for martin luther king jr. day. >> reporter: class is in session, but not for work, students are making cards for soldiers in afghanistan. >> i don't consider it a day off. >> reporter: stanford is just one of the 85 students at school who decided to give up a day of play to make cards. >> i hope it will give them inspiration to keep fighting. >> reporter: the day of service
6:33 pm
is a nationwide program in which baltimore has participated for several years. >> more than 500 kids are participating at five different sites around the city. besides helping the community, students also get 10 hours of volunteer credits. but the main reason these students are here is to help the less fortunate and to work on the name sake of this holiday. >> yes, martin luther king jr. worked to bring people of all races together. i want to follow martin luther king's footsteps and be a leader. >> he didn't hráeu a life -- he didn't lead a life of staying home on off days, he led a life of meeting he has goals and doing good things for the community. and besides doing service projects at various schools,
6:34 pm
students also helped out at animal shelters and homeless facilities. >> reporter: the high stakes battle for ted kennedy's senate seat is down for the wire. republican scott brown and democrat martha cockley crossed paths at the breakfast honoring martin luther king jr. she invoked martin luther king jr. as well as the late ted kennedy. >> if you send me to the senate, i will live under their values. >> she went after fake insurance companies -- >> reporter: with his agenda on the line, president obama stars in cockley's new ad. a few weeks ago, cockley looked
6:35 pm
like a shoe in to fill the senate seat held by kennedy for 27 years. but state senator scott brown has -- if he wins, brown is promising to vote against the final health care reform bill. a loss in liberal massachusetts could also spell trouble for the elections in november. >> the fact that they're having to fight for the seat that should have been theirs gives republicans some hopes. and you're eyewitness news
6:36 pm
health watch, the fda is now encouraging familys to limit their children's exposure to bpa. epa is a chemical found in thousands of household products, most notably in baby bottles. for years concerned mothers, environment groups and scientists have warned that bpa is unsafe and can lead to cancer, diabetes and other diseases. the fda announced they now have some concern about the potential effect of the chemical in young children. the uproar over the h1n1 virus has died down and the number of cases has decreased. but health officials say the virus could return in a big way. >> reporter: herscorn is
6:37 pm
getting vaccinated for h1n1 even though the virus has slowed down. >> i always want to be prepared rather than sorry. >> reporter: the first two waves in the spring and fall of 2009 killed thousands of americans and made millions sick. but experts say historically, the third wave of a pandemic is more severe. >> it makes more people sick, sends more people to the emergency and into the intensive care unit. >> reporter: health officials are worried the third wave could hit in february or march, that's when regular cases of flu traditionally peak. that's why they're urging the public to get vaccinated now. the long lines are gone. most hospitals and clinics now have plenty of vaccine. and the shot is now restrict today just at high risk patients. helen garfield is also getting the vaccine. >> i don't want to get sick, at
6:38 pm
73 years of age, every day counts. also in health watch, a recommendation for young children to be screened for obesity. this comes from the u.s. preventative health task force. the panel shows that recent studies show children can lose weight if they are pull in a rigorous diet and enrolled in a physical program. this could help how doctors deal with over weight children. and here is a look at the stories you will find on tomorrow's baltimore sun. the comfort makes its way toward haiti. and the terps take on
6:39 pm
longwood. for these stories and more, look for tomorrow's baltimore sun. missing baby search is second investigation is now underway for a missing baby in arizona. and a mild start and a graduate cool down, we'll have your five day forecast. and wjz13 is always on at the top stories at at this hour. for up the updated forecast, log on to ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chaos in the afghan capital of cabul after several bombings. there were four attacks in all and it happened in broad daylight. killing five people including two civilians. the fighting lasted for several hours before order was restored. at least seven-insurgents were killed. this was the biggest assault in
6:43 pm
cabo since last october. the turkish man who shot pope john paul is now a free man. police in tempe, arizona says two separate investigation are under way in the disappearance of gabriel johnson. baby gabriel has been missing since november 26. his mother now sits in a jail. the fbi has now opened a homicide investigation. a brief taste of freedom for a truckload of chickens on one north carolina highway. the truck that they were being imported in overturned. crews worked to collect the birds, its remains unclear if the driver will face any
6:44 pm
charges. >> i think it was the cows from chick-fillet. the numbers of the dead and dying are in haiti are staggering. many of haitians are still without food, water and medical care. what's taking so long for aid to reach the people who desperately need it? we'll have complete coverage from port-au-prince ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's another live look at an unusually winter evening here in maryland. bob will update the five day forecast, first meteorologist bernadette woods is in the newscast with a more detail look at what we can expect tomorrow. you don't even need that coat tomorrow. >> you really don't. i have the scarf but i don't really need it tonight. tomorrow another night in the 30s. there will be more clouds around tomorrow because the cold front is going through. with the slightest chance of a shower. temperatures get into the 50s tomorrow for our highs. tomorrow night they are going to start to drop, for the rest of the five day, here's bob. >> a real cool down on
6:48 pm
wednesday. increasing clouds thursday, thursday night into friday, we might see some wet snow, rain, some sleet or mixture, could be everything. right now we have to watch where that storm is going to go, 40, 29, 38 by friday afternoon. 26 and sunshine returns 38 on saturday. denise. >> thank you bob, still to come on eyewitness news tonight, mark is back from the ravens camp. >> he's coming up next with sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,, it hard to breathe.
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for better breathing. (announcer) find out how to get your first full prescription free at all right, well, you grow up fast when you have to pack up after the last play off game. >> and it hurts. they don't want it to end until they play in the super bowl won't be the case this year. some of them will be with other team next season, some may be headed into retirement. ed reed hinted on saturday that he's 50/50 on retiring. mason celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday, he's played 13 nfl seasons, he's a top wide
6:52 pm
receiver in ravens history. >> i feel good physically. but mentally i just have to see what happens from here. physically i feel great. i don't know what the ravens are going to do, my days of playing football are possibly over. while players cleared out their lockers in owens mill, they contemplated their second play offseason that did fall short of the super bowl. with the pain of the loss in indy still pending, they reflected on the year. >> we could be in the super bowl, you lose the game, you go home, you wake up, you come in and you're like, this is it. it really is, it kind of hits you when you come in here. >> you're trying to be nice for yourself. being realistic, we should have done better and we could have done better, that's the way we feel, i think that's the way you need to feel. >> we fell two games short, we
6:53 pm
wanted to be in miami. we got a lot of things accomplished this year, we have >> conference title games this coming sunday, rex ryan and his jets at indy for the afc championship. you can see that game right here on wjz. coverage kicks off at 3:00. mike nolan leaves his job in denver. nolan said it was a mutual decision, that they part way after nolan's one year on the job. this afternoon in the nba, a special matinee special on this martin luther king jr. holiday. 10 points for blake, blazers had a 3rd quarter lead but caron butler hit a couple of
6:54 pm
shots in the last minutes. he scored 18, the wiz win their two second strait. roddick in action at the aussie open. roddick gets a scare when he tripped over a baseline judge line. roddick down in the heap, shaken but not hurt. he rose up to win in straight sets. roddick in the right court in the net with a couple of nifty returns. and in our final stop, laurel park, the horse in the middle of the truck is orlop making a strong run down the stretch. pretty boy forest, olooc the winner in laurel. >> thank you mark, we'll be right back. ,,
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